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Laura Helke

In this fiercely competitive world, if a woman wants to be successful, she must build her confidence. This can sound overwhelming, but it’s achievable if you break it down into smaller steps. Take the time to learn what it is you want to succeed in, set realistic goals, and practice being assertive and confident in your abilities, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Get to know yourself

To be successful, you first have to build a vision of what you are trying to attain and how to achieve it. If you lack a clear idea of what you want, it will be hard to forge a path to get there. There are many benefits to getting to know yourself and what you want.

You are better able to make choices in line with your values and goals and you are better able to set boundaries and stick to them.

Self-knowledge can also help you feel more secure in your own skin.

One study found that people who had a better understanding of their own personality traits were more likely to report higher levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy, or confidence in their abilities. Another found that those who could accurately identify their own emotions were more likely to report higher levels of well-being.

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals can help you stay motivated and on track. If your goals are too high, you may get discouraged and give up. By breaking your overall goal into smaller goals that you can realistically achieve, you can build confidence and keep yourself moving forward.

You will be able to better track your progress and see your success along the way.

A study published in the journal Applied Psychology found that individuals who set specific, achievable goals were more likely to report higher levels of self-efficacy. Another study found that such individuals were more likely to persist in the face of setbacks and ultimately achieve their goals.

Work on your self-esteem

There are many ways to go about improving your self-esteem, including keeping gratitude journals and engaging in positive self-talk.

Do a little research and find a technique that helps you feel better about yourself and ultimately be more confident.

When you have high self-esteem, you are more likely to take risks and pursue your goals. You are also less likely to give up when things get tough.

These claims are supported by findings in studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the journal Psychological Science.

Be assertive

When you are assertive, you effectively communicate your needs and wants. This can lead to improved relationships as you are able to better express yourself. It can also ultimately help you to set healthy boundaries, so you do not let other take advantage of you, and increase your self-esteem, as you learn to value and respect yourself.

Studies have found that assertiveness is associated with increased self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Trust your abilities

If you are working toward a specific goal, chances are you have gained some skills to help you achieve it. Even if you are not where you want to be eventually, appreciate the hard work you have accomplished and give yourself credit for the things you have learned.

If you allow yourself to trust in your abilities, you will feel more capable and competent in your work or personal life, improve your self-esteem, and increase your self-efficacy.

You may also find it easier to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. Ultimately, this trust can lead to the confidence you need to attain greater success and happiness in life.

There is a great deal of evidence to support the claim that confidence leads to greater success in life. Studies have found that people who feel confident are more likely to achieve their goals, to persevere in the face of setbacks, and to report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction with their lives.


Building confidence is vital for women to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. After understanding yourself and setting realistic goals, you can work on building your self-esteem and becoming more assertive. When you become more confident in yourself and your abilities, you are more likely to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

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Laura Helke

Laura has been writing for women's magazines and websites for over 10 years and knows a thing or two about what it takes to make women feel their best. Laura is also a qualified health coach and loves nothing more than helping women to reach their health and happiness goals.

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