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Laura Helke

Losing weight can be hard no matter what age we are. Getting older makes it that much more difficult. But the age on our driver’s license isn’t always the age we feel, and we shouldn’t let a number tell us who we are.

So if you’re looking to still get the most out of life no matter how many candles you had on the last birthday cake, you came to the right place. After researching some of the leading causes of weight gain over 50, we found the absolute best weight loss supplements for women looking to beat the clock.

Best Fat Burners for women over 50


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Weight Gain Over 50

If it’s felt like you’ve had more trouble keeping fit after menopause, you’re not alone. And it’s not in your head. After a certain age, women’s bodies go through two important changes related to menopause that increase weight gain, and make it harder to get the weight off.

Loss of Muscle Mass

It’s not often the first thing people think of when they think of menopause, but the fact is that a woman loses up to fifteen pounds of muscle and bone tissue as they age. In fact, one study found that women after menopause had lost 60% of their muscle stem cells.

How that affects weight gain comes down to metabolism. When we have lean muscle mass, our bodies automatically burn calories at a higher rate than when we have less muscle tissue. Not only that, but we metabolize the calories we do eat differently.

Put another way, when we have a lot of lean muscle tissue, our bodies burn calories better, even at rest. When we have less muscle, our bodies store more sugars as fats, and burn less protein as energy.

Loss of Estrogen

For all the other things Estrogen does for the woman’s body, it also dictates how a woman stores body fat. It’s a complicated system, but it works like this: when a woman is in her child-bearing years, estrogen tells her body to store fat in areas like the breast and hips. This is for biological and evolutionary reasons. 

After menopause, without estrogen telling the body where to put body fat, the woman’s body starts disstributing it around the belly and waist.

Why Age Doesn’t Mean Everything

While it may seem like the body is working against you as you get older, the good news is that you don’t need to take it lying down. In fact, the more you get up the better. With proper diet, exercise, and a little help from a key supplement or two, weight gain can be stopped, and even reversed.

We looked at the very best weight loss supplements on the market and identified the ones that can help a woman over 50 the most.

After the reviews, be sure to check out the FAQs at the end.

PhenQ: Best All-Around

When looking into supplements, you may not want to mess around with trying things out. After all, not all of us have the time for trial and error. If you’re looking for the product that fits the most people, then look no further than PhenQ

PhenQ ranks as our Best All-Around because of its trademarked ingredient called α-Lacys Reset®. PhenQ has serious science to back up its amazing testimonials. In fact, α-Lacys Reset has been shown to drop body fat by over 7%

PhenQ does more than just burn fat, though. Because some women over 50 suffer from loss of muscle tissue, we made sure to find a supplement that can help with that, too.

PhenQ users saw almost a 4% muscle mass increase over the course of a clinical trial.

While these studies are cited by PhenQ, we also found a study finding that Alpha-Lipoic Acids were helpful in losing weight, but perhaps not cost-effective. PhenQ has solved that problem, and that’s why they’re our number one.

Key Ingredients

  • a-Lacys Reset: a trademarked, proven ingredient that helps burn fat and build back lean muscless.
  • L-Carnitine: Naturally produced in the liver, brain, and kidneys. This is absolutely vital for women over 50, as it helps the body actually target stored fat to use as energy.

Pros and Cons

  • Trademarked ingredient.
  • Backed by science.
  • Only two pills per day.
  • 60 day money back guarantee.
  • May take over thirty days to see full effects.
  • Not available in stores.

Bottom Line

PhenQ is one of the lowest risk supplements for women over 50. Not only is it safe and effective, but it has a great money back guarantee. Right now their website has a buy two get one free deal, for $139.90.

Leanbean: Best for Fiber

Leanbean comes in at number two because of its fiber benefits. One study found that fiber is effective regardless of other changes to diet. By taking Leanbean just before meals, we help train our body to stop eating right on time—not when we’re still hungry, but before we’ve had one or two bites too many. 

One of the biggest myths about dieting is that we simply need to eat less. That’s not true. We need to eat smarter, and Leanbean can help us do just that.

Leanbean’s fiber comes from glucomannan. From the konjac root, this fiber is unlike anything else out there. Not only does it do all the other great things that fiber does, helping us digest foods and process excess fats, but glucomannan can also help us curb excess appetite.

Key Ingredients

  • Glucomannan: When taken with water before meals, it helps us adjust how much we eat, while still making sure we get all the calories we need. This can help keep people from overeating after a grueling workout, or having a late night snack.
  • Chromium Picolinate: A combination of the mineral chromium and picolinic acid, this compound works wonders at helping us process fats and sugars. Especially important for women over 50, this can help make sure that sugars eaten are used as fuel, not fat.

Pros and Cons

  • Works with every meal.
  • Proven, high fiber supplement.
  • Made just for women.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • May not be best for men.
  • Requires multiple pills per day.

Bottom Line

If you’re already taking a fiber supplement, then you already know how many uses that wonderful little nutrient can serve. Now you can take it to the next level with the glucomannan in Leanbean. Right now their best deal is a four month supply for the price of three, with free shipping and a meal planner, all for only $189.97.

Trimtone: Best Brown Adipose Tissue Burner

Trimtone rounds out our top 3 because it does something other things can’t: burn a specific type of fat. Called Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), this fat gathers around the midsection and thighs. Typically BAT is only burned to keep the body warm, but women over fifty don’t often face that particular need. That’s why burning it with the help of a supplement can be so important.

Trimtone is able to burn BAT by using grains of paradise, an ingredient we don’t see enough of. One article by Harvard indicates that the burning of BATs could be the secret to achieving real weight loss, especially if the weight has accumulated over a long period of time.

Key Ingredients

  • Grains of Paradise: An absolute game changer for women over 50, this little grain can help burn BAT that normally only gets used when the body feels extreme cold. Because menopause makes some women feel that cold less often, help burning BAT can be crucial.
  • Three Types of Caffeine: By including all three types (Green Tea, Green Coffee, Caffeine Extract), Trimtone makes sure you’re getting all the benefits caffeine has to offer for energy and weight loss.

Pros and Cons

  • Help burning BAT, even when you’re not cold.
  • Checks all the caffeine boxes.
  • Includes a smaller amount of glucomannan.
  • One pill per day.
  • May not be suitable for anyone with a caffeine sensitivity.
  • Not suitable for vegans (because of the pill capsule).

Bottom Line

Carrying extra weight around the midsection isn’t good for anyone. And for some women over 50 that weight could be brown adipose tissue. In combination with their trifecta of caffeine, Trimtone also supplies grains of paradise to help with that stubborn BAT.

You can get Trimtone as a buy two get one free, for only $99 on their website.

PhenGold: Best for Mood

PhenGold makes our list because of its unique attention to mood and mental health when it comes to weight loss. Even though it’s fourth overall, if mood is important to you, then it should be your number one.

The reason mood has such an effect on weight is that they both have the same hormones in common. Dopamine, cortisol, and serotonin all have incredible influences on how we feel, on our appetite, and even on our metabolism. According to one study, this link between mood and weight is even stronger in women.

By including L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and DMAE among their other proven fat burners, like Green Coffee and Cayenne, PhenGold helps you ensure that your hormones and mood are in line with your weight loss goals and efforts. When we can keep our serotonin and dopamine in line, our cortisol goes down, and we are in a better position to eat less and store less fat.

Key Ingredients

  • L-Theanine and Tyrosine: Both of these amino acids are important for the metabolism of proteins, but they also play a crucial role in the production of both norepinephrine and dopamine. Both of these hormones help us deal with stress and make us feel better.
  • DMAE: Also listed by its full name, dimethylaminoethanol, this compound can help relieve stress, combat depression, and even help with attention and memory. In a weight loss supplement for women over 50, it can help clear the mind and the mood for better focus on exercise and activity.

Pros and Cons

  • Combination formula for mood.
  • Proven fat burning ingredients.
  • Complement of B Vitamins.
  • 100 day money back guarantee.
  • Three capsules per dose.
  • Take with food to avoid some dizziness.

Bottom Line

PhenGold is ideal for women over 50 as it is one of the best weight loss supplements on the market for helping mood.

Some people face mood swings when dieting and exercising, and having a supplement that takes that into account can be invaluable. You can get a free bottle of PhenGold on their website with a purchase of two bottle, for $119.99.

Phen24: Best All-Day Formula

When some people get older, they realize that what we do throughout the whole 24 hours has an effect on us, day and night. That’s why the makers of Phen24 have developed a formula that’s designed to work around the clock.

According to a recent article, sleep cycles have never been more important to our metabolic health. When we wake up in the morning our bodies are more hungry than when we go to bed. When we are active during the middle of the day we burn more calories than when we’re sleeping. It’s all pretty common sense, but Phen24 is the only supplement that takes these rhythms into account. 

Their daytime formula is maximized to rev up our metabolism, to optimize how many calories we burn. The nighttime formula helps us sleep longer and easier, and has a mild appetite suppressant to tamp down the midnight snack cravings.

Key Ingredients

  • Guarana Extract: In the daytime formula, this helps us feel less fatigued when working out. It can also help us burn sugars more efficiently, so we store less body fat around our midsections.
  • Griffonia Extract: Used for generations in herbal medicine to treat insomnia, this mild herb can help you sleep through the night. For some women over 50, getting a good night’s sleep can lead to late night snacks. Griffonia can help that.

Pros and Cons

  • 24 hour action.
  • Better sleep means healthier metabolism.
  • Mild appetite suppressants.
  • Helps fight fatigue.
  • Requires two different pills.
  • On the more expensive side.

Bottom Line

If you’ve noticed that you have different cravings and eating habits during the day versus at night, then a product like Phen24 is designed just for you. Some women over 50 can have trouble getting good sleep, which can affect their mood and their sugar cravings.

By working around the clock on your weight loss, Phen24 could be the supplement for you. You can get their buy two get one free for $149.99 on their website.

Things to consider when choosing a fat burner for women over 50

As women age, hormonal changes, reduced metabolic rate, and lifestyle factors can lead to weight gain, particularly in the post-menopausal years. For women over 50 seeking to shed excess weight, incorporating a fat burner supplement can be a helpful addition to their weight loss journey. However, not all fat burners are created equal, and it is essential to choose one that is safe, effective, and tailored to the unique needs of women in this age group. This essay will discuss the critical factors to consider when selecting the best fat burners for women over 50.

  1. Ingredients

The primary factor in choosing an effective fat burner is the quality and efficacy of its ingredients. Look for products that contain clinically proven ingredients, such as:

  • Green tea extract: Rich in antioxidants and catechins, green tea extract can increase metabolism and promote fat oxidation.
  • Caffeine: A natural stimulant that can boost energy levels, improve focus, and increase fat burning by raising thermogenesis.
  • L-carnitine: An amino acid that helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria to be burned for energy.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): A fatty acid that can help reduce body fat while preserving lean muscle mass.
  • Capsaicin: A compound found in chili peppers that can increase metabolism and help burn calories.
  1. Safety and Side Effects

Women over 50 may have unique health concerns or be on medications that could interact with certain fat burners. It is essential to choose a product with minimal side effects and a proven safety profile. Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplement, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications.

  1. Hormonal Balance

Hormonal changes during menopause can significantly impact weight gain and fat distribution. Therefore, women over 50 should look for fat burners that support hormonal balance. Ingredients like black cohosh, dong quai, and chasteberry can help alleviate menopausal symptoms and support a healthy hormonal balance.

  1. Appetite Suppression

Managing hunger and cravings is a crucial aspect of weight loss. Fat burners that contain natural appetite suppressants like glucomannan, a water-soluble fiber, can help women feel fuller for longer and resist overeating.

  1. Energy and Mood Support

Fatigue and mood swings can be common in women over 50, making it harder to maintain a consistent workout routine and stay motivated. Look for fat burners that contain mood-boosting ingredients like Rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha, or 5-HTP to help support your energy levels and overall well-being.

  1. Brand Reputation and Quality

The supplement industry is vast and unregulated, so it's crucial to choose a reputable brand that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and uses high-quality, third-party tested ingredients. Research the company's history, read reviews, and look for certifications or endorsements from trusted organizations.

  1. Personal Needs and Preferences

Lastly, consider your personal needs and preferences when selecting a fat burner. For instance, if you have sensitivity to stimulants, opt for a stimulant-free product. Additionally, ensure that the product's dosage and consumption method align with your lifestyle and preferences.

Choosing the best fat burner for women over 50 involves considering various factors, including ingredients, safety, hormonal balance, appetite suppression, energy and mood support, brand reputation, and personal needs. By taking these factors into account and consulting with a healthcare professional, women over 50 can select a fat burner that is both safe and effective in aiding their weight loss journey.

Why Go for Supplements

In the end, all of these supplements are ideal choices for women over 50. Losing weight is hard, at any age, and some of us can use all the help we can get. If you haven’t seen the results you want from diet and exercise alone, a weight loss supplement may be the way to go.

We’ve researched all these products extensively, and haven’t seen any side effects outside of sensitivity to caffeine. They're safe, and effective. There’s no reason to wait anymore. Find the one that’s right for you, and get on to your best self.


Are Weight Loss Pills Safe?

We get this question quite a bit, and we get it. There has been a long history of unsafe products. In fact, we posted an article all about how the science has changed. Weight loss supplements have never been safer, or more effective.

Do I Need a Prescription?

No. All the products we’ve reviewed are available over-the-counter.

How Soon Could I See Results?

Depending on your body chemistry and the product, some women see results in as little as a few weeks.

What Happens When I Stop Taking Them?

There’s no need to worry about a ‘hangover’ effect. These supplements are all safe. You may notice a dip in energy and metabolism, but there won’t be any side effects of discontinuing use.

Aren’t All Fibers the Same?

No, they’re not. The psyllium fiber many of you are familiar with is really only good as a digestive aid. Glucomannan and Nopal are also great appetite suppressants, in addition to their other fiber benefits.

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