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Laura Helke

A Urinary Tract Infection, popularly known as a UTI, is one of the most common infections experienced by the female community. Though it may be embarrassing and frustrating to address the issue, UTIs can be daunting, causing decreased bladder control, itchiness, burning, and other mild to moderate symptoms that result in great discomfort in the nether region. This is why management/prevention of UTIs is imperative. Besides consuming a frequent glass of cranberry juice, one of the most effective ways to manage symptoms of UTIs or prevent the development of the infection is through natural supplements. These supplements improve immunity/defense processes against specific bacteria or infections. Below we take a look at 4 of the best UTI supplements on the market:

Best UTI Supplements For Women


Best All-Around


- Promotes immunity & blocks bad bacteria attachments

- Maintain/restore ph and vaginal microbiome balance

- Supports urinary tract, sexual & reproductive health

5 of 5 stars

Improves immune responses


- Cleanses urinary tract promotes kidney health

- Maintain optimal vaginal flora/pH balances

- Promote kidney and bladder health

4.8 of 5 stars


Proactive urinary Health


- Cleanse vaginal biofilm

- Strengthens bladder walls

- Regulates urination frequency/streams

4.6 of 5 stars


100% natural ingredients


Encourages proper urinary flow/bladder emptying

- Prevent the reoccurrence of UTIs

- Accelerates vaginal immunity

4.5 of 5 stars


1. Oweli UT-D

Oweli is a UTI supplement developed using ancient and modern medicine concepts. The science-backed product comprises of a balanced set of essential herbal extracts, vital minerals, and nutrients proven to protect the body against UTI-related symptoms and infection. The well-curated list of all-natural ingredients includes cranberry juice powder, D- Mannose, and dandelion extract, among other components, which work together to carry out efficient immune responses in a non-invasive and efficient way.

Oweli protects users against UTIs by blocking bacteria from attaching themselves to healthy cells. This causes bacteria to be flushed out of the urinary tract, promoting optimal urinary tract health. It also helps maintain/restore pH and vaginal microbiome balance, supporting reproductive and sexual health. The product is free of pesticides, harmful pathogens, and heavy metals, making it user-friendly and safe for long-term consumption. 

Distinct Product Features:

  • Promotes immunity & blocks bad bacteria attachments
  • Maintain/restore ph and vaginal microbiome balance
  • Supports urinary tract, sexual & reproductive health  

Pros and Cons

  • Flushes/cleanses the urinary tract and maintains pH balances
  • Supports efficient immune response
  • Restores vaginal microbiome balance
  • Aids natural defense against UTIs
  • Consistent use is necessary
  • Not compatible with certain supplements/treatments

2.Clinical Effects UT Support

UT Support is a reliable UTI supplement under the world-renowned Clinical Effects brand. The product is made using premium quality natural ingredients that are clinically proven to support urinary tract health. The anti-oxidant effect produced by the supplement helps maintain overall health, while natural plant extracts such as hibiscus and dandelion build a barrier in and around the urethra, preventing  bacteria penetration and infection.

Other components like cranberry support natural tract cleansing processes and restore pH balances, further protecting women from potential infections and encouraging better urine flow. The presence of D-mannose promotes healthy inflammation in the body facilitating healing. The supplement positively affects kidney, bladder, and vaginal health as well, making it impossible for bacteria to multiply or live within these systems. 

Distinct Product Features:

  • Cleanses urinary tract promotes kidney health
  • Maintain optimal vaginal flora/pH balances  
  • Promote kidney and bladder health

Pros and Cons

  • Support urinary tract health and natural tract cleansing processes
  • Maintain ph balances and healthy vaginal microbiome levels
  • Supports healthy inflammation in the body
  • Promote kidney and bladder health
  • Improves immune responses
  • Mild side effects maybe experienced at the beginning of use 
  • It cannot be paired with certain treatments

3. Uqora Control  

Uqora Control is a unique once-daily pill that strengthens the protective mechanisms in the vagina. The supplement contains a combination of all-natural components that work together to prevent the reoccurrence of UTI infections by blocking bad bacteria multiplication and synchronization.

 Ingredients such as curcumin cleanse vaginal biofilm while producing anti-inflammatory effects that relax and heal urinary tracts. The product also contains vitamin D3, which strengthens bladder walls, helping users with  urination regulation and frequency. 

Distinct Product Features:

  • Cleanse vaginal biofilm 
  • Strengthens bladder walls 
  • Regulates urination frequency/streams 

Pros and Cons

  • Stops the development of UTIs
  • Regulates urination frequency/streams
  • Cleanse vaginal biofilm and strengthens bladder walls
  • Anti-inflammatory properties promote tract relaxation
  • Certain components in the formula may not be suitable for everyone
  • Side effects are possible with long term use

4.  Utiva D-Mannose

D-Mannose is an expertly designed product made by Utiva. The 100% organic supplement was specifically created to stop UTI infections before they become active in the system. With the help of its primary component D-Mannose, a sugar-related to glucose, the supplement keeps bacteria from sticking to your urinary tract.

This stops E Coli from contaminating vaginal microbes. The product accelerates immunity and ensures the optimal functioning of urinary and vaginal processes. The product also helps promote urinary flow, allowing users to empty the bladder more effectively. 

Distinct Product Features:

  • Encourages proper urinary flow/bladder emptying
  • Prevent the reoccurrence of UTIs 
  • Accelerates vaginal immunity  

Pros and Cons

  • 100% natural ingredients—low side effect rate
  • Supports urinary tract and vaginal health
  • Gluten/wheat/dairy-free formula
  • Promotes proper urinary flow
  • Long term consistent use is required for the best results
  • Usage and dosage schedule must be strictly followed


UTI supplements are by far the most unique aids on the market as their versatile effects have the ability to directly address present UTI symptoms and prevent the infection from developing in healthy users. That on its own is enough to add the supplement to your supplement roster. However, the list of benefits doesn't end there. After a lot of research, we found that the supplements above produce potent effects that positively affect urological, reproductive, and immune health. These effects are joined by the supplement's main focus to restore and maintain good bacteria that balance the vaginal microbiome and protect users from future UTIs. In our opinion, these effects/benefits contribute to a holistic result—an optimum functioning body, which is highly beneficial to women.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods should I avoid when using a UTI supplement?

UTI supplement use does not come with any diet restrictions. However, users who have a UTI or are prone to UTIs avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol, spicy/acidic foods, and artificial sweeteners.

Can UTI supplements be taken at any time?

Like other supplements, UTI aids come with dosage and usage instructions specific to the type of product or brand being taken. Users are urged to take their chosen UTI supplement according to the instructions supplied.

Can probiotics and UTI supplements be taken together?

Yes. However, users must ensure that the strain of probiotics being consumed is compatible with UTI treatment and the UTI supplement being taken. Probiotics from the Lactobacilli family are most effective in combating UTI symptoms, making it a viable choice.

Do UTI supplements have side effects?

There are no known side effects linked to natural UTI supplement use. However, experts do encourage users to cross-reference their allergies with the ingredient list of the supplement to ensure adverse effects do not affect desired outcomes.

Can UTI supplements be taken long-term?

Yes. UTI supplements can be taken as a preventative measure to stop the infection from developing. Their presence in the body will not cause any harm as their primary aim is to enhance immunity and prevent infection development.

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