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Laura Helke

The human gut and digestive system are made up of several different body processes which work together seamlessly to help the body digest and process food appropriately. As we get older, functions such as these must be maintained. The most effective way to maintain gut health is through natural probiotic supplementation. Since the mid 90s, clinical studies have suggested that probiotic therapy can help manage/treat several gastrointestinal ills and vaginal and urinary infections in women.

Probiotic supplements contain variations of live cultures that go beyond the basic probiotic strains we receive from food alone. For women, in particular, probiotic use is paired with a specific set of perks that not only improve gut/ digestive health but also benefit emotional, reproductive, and general health processes, making them an excellent wellness aid. Finding the most appropriate probiotic option to suit your needs is difficult in the ever-expanding wellness and supplement industry.

So we've cut out the guesswork and brought you the top 5 probiotics for women over 50:


Best All-Around

Best For Vaginal Health


Best for Bloat Reduction


Best for Antibiotic Users

Here are the top five best probiotics for women over 50. 

1. Probiology Gut+

Probiology Gut + is an expertly designed probiotic made by women for women. The female-centric supplement contains bacterial strains that have been proven to enhance both gut health and overall wellness in a non-invasive, side-effect-free way. The Probiology brand teamed up with world-renowned scientists and nutritionists to create the perfect combination of premium bacterial strains that effectively work to elevate gut health. The premium formula contains 4 live potent strains of good gut bacteria and 40 billion CFUs. The supplement uses patented MAKtrek bipass technology derived from brown seaweed, which shields the good bacteria from stomach acid until it reaches its destination—small intestine, giving it a 250 times better survival rate than other products.

The direct approach allows active ingredients to bypass stomach acids and work to improve gut health, vaginal flora, constipation, and energy, contributing to better well-being.

The strains present in the product are quite concentrated compared to other supplements on the market, making it an ideal option for individuals seeking potent effects. The unique formula also provides users with additional benefits such as better immune function, digestion, reduced bloating, stress alleviation, etc. According to professional analysis, the carefully selected strains affect weight loss, skin health, and yeast growth as well, ensuring optimum health during PMS and menstruation. Probiology Gut+ also contains inulin, a popular prebiotic that increases the development of good bacteria in the gut. The seamless combination of probiotics and prebiotics works synergistically to provide users with multiple gut benefits that support mental and physical functions.

Distinct Product Features:

  • Improves digestion & stress levels  
  • Helps with weight management 
  • Boosts energy & focus 

Pros and Cons

  • Balances vaginal flora
  • Strengthens immune system support
  • Improves moods and overall cognition
  • Induces regular, healthier bowel movements
  • Boosts energy levels and supports weight loss
  • Promotes proper digestion and food conversion
  • Use must be closely monitored after 2nd week of administration
  • Must strictly follow the suggested dosage schedule


Oweli is a probiotic supplement made by trusted manufacturers specifically to suit the complexity of women's physiology. The manufacturer chose a scientific, evidence-based route with both the approach and contents, creating a probiotic that produces full-spectrum benefits from potent natural ingredients. Oweli works in conjunction with body processes to naturally improve mental and physical aspects of an individual's health. The comprehensive formula contains a host of beneficial bacteria strains that support gut and digestive health while elevating immunity to several ailments, including those not linked to the colon or digestive tract.

The formula is transformed into an effective probiotic aid through MAKtrek Bi-Pass Technology, a delivery system that protects probiotic components through their journey in the large intestine and stomach. By doing so, the strains and cultures successfully penetrate the body, delivering healthy bacteria straight to the gut with maximum efficiency. It also increases the amount of healthy bacteria present in the body, which helps the users maintain optimum levels of beneficial bacteria at all times without having to resort to high-dose, long-term treatments. The carefully chosen probiotics in the Oweli formula also profoundly affect moods, which help users deal with stress and other emotional issues more efficiently. The non-GMO, sugar-free, and chemical-free product produces additional effects that help users lose weight, manage skin issues that accompany hormonal changes, and remove unwanted toxins from the circulatory system.

Distinct Product Features:

  • Supports mental & emotional stability 
  • Improves skin & digestive health 
  • Helps with weight loss

Pros and Cons

  • Protects the body against impurities/disease-causing pathogens.
  • Helps with weight, skin, and digestive health maintenance
  • Alleviates gallbladder issues & eases stomach pain
  • Promotes proper anti-inflammatory responses
  • Provides the body with higher immunity
  • Mild side effects experienced at the beginning of treatment
  • Cannot be used in combination with certain medication

3. Elm & Rye Probiotic

The Elm & Rye daily Probiotic is a trusted dietary supplement developed using the expertise of an exclusive research team, studies, and trusted microorganisms proven to improve the stance of good bacteria in the gut. The unique formula contains potent probiotic aids that convert food into lactic acid. It also supports proper sugar conversions and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut. This ensures that both the body and stomach function optimally. The product's potent effect on stomach processes also reduces the possibility of stomach ailments such as diarrhea, IBS, and more. Several women-focused trials involving the product prove that the probiotic not only supports digestive, gut, and intestinal health but also regulates gastrointestinal flow, improves general immunity, elevates cardiovascular and dermatological health.

This unique probiotic was also shown to be quite effective in helping users shed excess weight, reduce allergy/cold symptoms and balance cholesterol levels. These trials also concluded that the supplement is useful in improving vaginal flora and PMS symptoms and reducing the intensity/probability of yeast infections or imbalanced PH levels. The active components in the supplement ensure that the body efficiently absorbs nutrients from foods, while inactive components ensure that each capsule holds its integrity for the right amount of time in the system. This positively affects the quality of daily doses. The tasteless and odorless supplement is soy, gluten, GMO, dairy, and preservative-free, which supports a larger user compatibility rate as well.

Distinct Product Features:

  • Improves irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)  
  • Treat & prevent vaginal infections 
  • Promotes efficient digestion 

Pros and Cons

  • Reduces the possibility of stomach and digestive issues
  • Prevents allergy flare-ups and vaginal infections
  • Supports weight loss and boosts energy levels
  • Reduces symptoms of common colds and IB
  • Regulates cholesterol levels
  • Cannot be used on an intermittent basis
  • Non-adherence to suggested dosage/usage can cause adverse effects

4. Culturelle

Culturelle is a single-strain probiotic made by iHealth Inc, a reliable manufacturer that uses research and studies to create effective women's health supplements. Culturelle was made with a single vision in mind— improve gut health. The product uses a simple approach to elevate gut health. It changes the composition of gut bacteria or the metabolic activity of existing bacteria to promote gut functioning and associated processes. Once the expert-designed formula seamlessly integrates itself into the everyday gut function, it aids proper nutrient absorption and food to energy conversion.

This, in turn, reduces fatigue, accelerates weight/fat loss, and positively affects moods and emotional responses. Culturelle has a significant effect on gas production and elimination as it naturally relieves users from excess gas in a controlled way that does not cause discomfort. The formula also helps reduce intestinal inflammation linked to allergies and tummy upset. The product carries a non-GMO, gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy-free status with vegetarian & vegan certification that makes it extremely user-friendly.

  • Supports healthy gut bacteria balance
  • Regulates digestive system function 
  • Resolves intestinal issues 

Pros and Cons

  • Uses pure probiotic strain that is scientifically backed—Lactobacillus GG
  • Boosts immune system and enhances digestive health
  • Reduces mental and physical fatigue
  • Eliminates gas and bloating
  • Gluten, sugar, and soy-free
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • It contains only a single bacterial strain
  • Reported side effects

5. Florastor

Florastor is a natural probiotic supplement that provides gut and immune support by strengthening digestive processes. The supplement naturally and non-invasively balances irregular gut issues by enhancing the function of good bacteria in the gut and restoring lost elements needed for optimal immune system functioning. Each capsule contains a clinically approved dose of the brand's unique probiotic strain that is larger and more potent than options associated with other probiotic supplements.

Each capsule's bigger, more potent disposition also increases intestinal coverage and protection. The distinct probiotic strain has been used and researched for over 65 years confirming its efficacy and safety.

The unique formula is antibiotic-resistant and has proven resistant to 16 of the most common oral antibiotics. This means that the probiotic strains in the supplement thrive during/through antibiotic use without causing a decline in probiotic efficacy or adverse effects. Florastor helps the body absorb nutrients and water more efficiently, which helps users stay hydrated and energized, elevating overall health statuses. The supplement is vegetarian-friendly, gluten and titanium dioxide-free.

  • Flushes out bad gut bacteria
  • Naturally boosts good bacteria 
  • Stimulates immunity 

Pros and Cons

  • Safely converts and eliminates excess bad gut bacteria
  • Extensively tested formula—over 600 clinical studies
  • Provides full intestinal coverage and protection
  • Enhances the function of good gut bacteria
  • Maximizes nutrient and water absorption
  • Not lactose or soy-free
  • Only supplies users with one strain of yeast, no other bacterial strains


We all have a slightly skewed perception of bacteria due to its notorious ability to cause havoc in the body and mind, being presented as the main source of illness and disease. However, not all bacteria should be avoided, as tossing a few billion into your body can greatly affect gut health. This is exactly where probiotic health supplements or aids come in, as they serve as a compressed and efficient way of consuming beneficial bacteria. Upon investigation, we find that probiotics are exceptional aids vital in pursuing an optimum functioning gut.

The options mentioned above are 100% natural, safe, and effective, with each positively affecting several body functions that go beyond the gut, intestinal, or stomach. These supplements have growing evidence supporting their function, with digestive disease specialists even recommending probiotic supplements to manage/treat disorders such as IBS, which is not fully responsive to conventional medicine — we agree 100%  after dissecting the capabilities of the products above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do probiotics do for the body?

Probiotic agents fight bad bacteria in the body/gut and prevent them from multiplying unnecessarily, causing an imbalance in the system that supports or feeds illness and disease.

What symptoms signal the need for probiotics?

The following features warrant the use of probiotic

  • Multiple  mood disorders
  • Previous food poisoning
  • Constant allergies and asthma
  • Antibiotic use or constantly getting sick
  • Multiple skin condition development such as acne and psoriasis

How long should I take a probiotic?

Most experts suggest that users take probiotics for approximately 4 weeks to see a noticeable improvement in their digestive health. Users can opt for longer durations depending on their needs and brand/manufacturer suggestions.

Should probiotics be administered in the morning or night?

Professionals often mention that the best time to take probiotics is right before bed at night because the gut is inactive during the night, which allows the probiotic to work more efficiently.

What happens when probiotic use is discontinued?

If users stop taking probiotics, their health will most likely return back to pre-supplementation condition within 1-3 weeks. Individuals typically prevent this from happening by eating a healthier diet and feeding healthy bacteria in the body.  

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