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Women in the Military & Women Veterans


The Women in the Military project was established in 1990 to provide information and policy analysis on issues important to military women and women veterans to government policy makers, scholars, the media, the media, and the general public. In conjunction with the project's mission, WREI publishes Women in the Military: Where They Stand, now in its fifth edition.

Information and analysis is made available to Congress, executive branch, academia, the media and members of the public with an interest in military women.

All tables and figures are PDF files that can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. For more information, please visit the Adobe Acrobat website.


History of Legal and Policy Changes
Chronology of Significant Legal and Policy Changes Affecting Women in the Military, 1947–2006
Chronology of Sexual Harassment
Women Veterans Chronology
Veterans Population Changes Since 2001
Veterans by Age and Sex, 2001

Selected Statistics

Active Duty Service Personnel by Branch of Service, Officer/Enlisted Status, and Sex, September 2005

Positions and Occupations Currently Open to Active-Duty Women by Branch of Service, 2002
Active-Duty Women by Branch of Service, 2005
Active Duty and Reserve/Guard Statistics as of 30 September 2006

Selected publications from 1990-2003
Selected publications before 1990

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For more information about Women in the Military, contact Lory Manning, Project Director (202) 628-0444, ext. 12.