Women in the Military Collections

Please let us know of any additions (including collections and archives documenting the history of women in other armed forces) or corrections you would like to offer for inclusion in this listing.

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National Archives

at College Park
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD



On the National Mall

14th & Constitution

Washington, DC
























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Air Force Historical Research Agency




Oral histories of women who served in the Army Air Corps and the Air Force.  May have some documents on microfiche.





Army Women’s Museum



Oral histories and personal papers.  Some administrative papers such as those of Col Mary Hallaren










Eisenhower Presidential Library


1. Jackie Cochrane (WASP Director) personal papers.  May have some official Army Air Corps WASP files.

Also contains oral histories of some WAC who served on General Eisenhower’s staff

2. Some Mary Hallaren papers may be here.






Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project


1. Many oral histories & photos of women veterans of all eras

2. Some Oveta Culp Hobby material


Wide array of materials on-line













National Archives  College Park


 1. Papers for two WAC histories (Tredwell and Morden).

2. Official WAC documents

3. Possibly other servicewomen’s documents from early era.


Publication dedicated to their holdings on women in the military—but it’s not in sync with the organizational system use for finding records








Naval History Center


 Oral histories and some personal papers of Navy women











Smithsonian Institute

National Museum of American History

Division of Military History and Diplomacy





Civil war era to present:  Letters, diaries, papers, photographs, memoirs, author papers, manuscripts and other documents.

Collection curators are compiling a Companion to Women’s Military History scheduled for publication in 2009.


Museum currently closed for renovation.  Beginning in 2009 “By appointment” access.  A guide to the collection will be available at that time.






















































600 Chennault Circle
Maxwell AFB, AL





U.S. Army

Women’s Museum
2100 ‘A’ Avenue
Fort Lee, VA 23801




Eisenhower Library

400 S.E. 4th Street

Abilene, KS 67410




The Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave, SE

Washington, DC 20540