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Women in the Military at the Crossroads

Ninth Conference on Women in the Military


Combining Real-world Experience and Academic Insight


They made it happen

WREI Director and WIM Conference 'angel' Robert M. Kaufman; WREI President Susan Scanlan; Alliance for National Defense President Emerita Brigadier General Pat Foote, USA (Ret.) and AND Director SGM Toni Ross, USA (Ret), standing in for ailing AND President Capt. Pat Gormley, JAGC, USN (Ret.), and injured AND Executive VP Lt. Colonel Sherry de Vries, USMCR (Ret.); principal conference organizer Capt. Lory Manning, USN (Ret.); former AND Treasurer Capt. Barbara Brehm, USN (Ret.); former AND Director Colonel Michelle (Mitzi) Manning, USMC (Ret.); and AND Director Lt. Col. Ruth Walsh, USMC (Ret.).

Firsts on the scene


Firsts in Command
First in Flight
Former WREI Fellow and AND Treasurer Commander Darlene Iskra, USN (Ret), PhD, the first women to command a U.S. Navy ship with Rear Admiral Michelle Howard, USN, the first African-American woman to command a U.S. Navy ship, at the conference.
Captain Rosemary B. Mariner, USN (ret.), the first woman to earn wings as a U.S. Naval Aviator; the first female military aviator to achieve command of an operational air squadron.


Speakers, Panels and Presentations


Women's Experiences in Combat Zones: Colonel Barbara Lee, USA (ret.) leads a panel that included (L-R) RADM Kathleen M. Dussault, SC, USN; Captain Emily Naslund, USMC; Master Sergeant Irma G. Carillo, USMC; and Staff Sergeant Michelle Rich-Peoples, USMC at the WREI -Alliance for National Defense Ninth Conference on Women in the Military at WIMSA October 27-28.
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response: Major General Mary Kay Hertog, USAF, of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, presented an update on the DoD Safe Helpline
Selected panelist presentations coming soon
Issues Involving Women in Combat: Moderated by Naval Historian Regina Akers, PhD, this panel presented papers and first hand reports by Cadets Michelle Bullock, Megan Coley, and Hannah Johnson on Uses of Female Engagement Teams; Krystel Carrier-Sabourin on the Extent of Involvement of Canadian Military Women in Combat and Barriers to their Full Integration; writer Mare Contrare on Should Women Serve in Combat Outposts (COPs); Professor Joshua Goldstein, Ph.D.'s A Brief History of Women War Combatants: Sorting Fact from Fiction; and LTC Janet R. Holliday, USA, and COL Patricia Ryan, USA, on Empowering the Families of Afghanistan to Counter the Insurgency. View a video on FETs in action.
Supporting Military Women moderated by Captain Barbara L. Brehm, USN (ret.): LCDR Alex Dietrich, USN, and Stefanie Goebel discussed Academy Women’s On-Line e-Mentoring Program; CDR David Smith, USN, Ph.D., spoke on Role Transitions of Women in Dual Career Couples: A Life Course Perspective; Jill Rough, Ph.D., discussed Integrating Military Moms: The Next Frontier?; and Lt Col Nancy Steele (not shown), USA, NC, Ph.D., spoke on research Tackling Disparities in Military Women’s Health Research.
Selected panelist presentations coming soon
Selected panelist presentations coming soon
Keynote address:  WREI Women in the Military Project Director and Conference Organizer Capt. Lory Manning, USN (Ret.) (R) introduces Conference keynote speaker Rear Admiral Michelle Howard, USN, (L) Chief of Staff to the Director for Strategic Plans and Policy, J-5, Joint Staff. In 2009, Admiral Howard supervised the successful rescue of the US-flagged Maersk-Alabama that had been hijacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean off Somalia.
The International Panel, moderated by WREI senior fellow Marjorie Lightman (rear): Arundhati Bhattacharyya spoke on Women in the Military Services in India; Wing Commander Dee Gibbon, Royal Australian Air Force discussed Unexpected Turbulence: The Barriers and Challenges Facing Women Pilots in the Australian Defence Force; Charlotte Woodhead spoke on Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan: An Insight into the Experiences of Female Personnel from UK Armed Forces; and Annett Stornǣs, Captain, MSc, discussed Recruiting Women into the Norwegian Armed Forces Officer Candidate Schools.
Selected panelist presentations coming soon
Selected panelist presentations coming soon
AND Positive Voice Award: AND President Emerita Brigadier General Pat Foote, USA, (Ret.) presents the Alliance for National Defense Maj. Gen. Jeanne Holm Positive Voice Award to Col. Pat Jernigan, USA (Ret).
Military Culture panel moderated by Captain Rosemary B. Mariner, USN (ret.), the U.S. Navy's first female fighter pilot: Laura Browder on Mothers at War; Aziza Mohammed on Inside the Boys’ Club: Women, Torture and the US Military; Mary Raum, Ph.D., on Femina Militaris; Dag Ellingsen, Ph.D., and Ulla-Britt Lilleaas, Ph.D., on Masculinity Cultures in the Norwegian Military of Defence.
View the 2011 Award Certificate here
Selected panelist presentations coming soon
Issues of Military Sexual Assault panel: Judith Rosenstein, Ph.D.; and Marjorie Carroll, Ph.D., on Changing Culture,Understanding Attitudes: Rape Myth Acceptance among Military Academy Students; moderator Nancy Duff Campbell, JD, founder and co-president of the National Women's Law Center; Greg Jacobs and Estefania Ponti of the Women's Action Network on Learning from our Allies: How the US Military Can Reform Its Justice System to Help Stop Sexual Violence.
Selected panelist presentations coming soon

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