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July 17, 2000

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Gala 2000
Ford Foundation Grant
Identifying Health Policy Issues for Midlife Women
Women in Uniform Conference
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Did you know . . .
The most decorated woman in American military history is Colonel Ruby Bradley, U.S. Army Nurse Corps (retired). Colonel Bradley was captured in the Philippines in 1942 and held as a prisoner of war until the liberation of the Philippines in 1945. She later served in Korea during the Korean War. Among her many decorations are two Bronze Stars and two Legions of Merit.


The American Woman Award 2000

Save the evening of October 4, 2000—the new date for our annual American Woman Award Dinner and Gala at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC. WREI is pleased to announce that Alice Rivlin will be the recipient of this year’s American Woman Award. Dr. Rivlin was the founding director of the Congressional Budget Office, the first woman director of the federal Office on Management and Budget, and vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board. She has not only blazed a trail for women in economics and public finance but in her long career of public service has managed to be both tough-minded and humane, a rare combination.

In addition to an exciting evening with Dr. Rivlin, WREI’s Silent Auction promises to be a smashing success with a new collection of splendors and treasures. To name just a few: How about dinner for two at the nationally renowned Inn at Little Washington? Or, if you prefer something farther away, spend a weekend for two at the famous Mutiny Hotel in Coconut Grove, Florida. For those collectible items you just have to have, bid on an autographed baseball by Governor George “Dubya” and his wife Laura. And for those looking for a new hobby, try sailing! Lessons are provided by J. World Annapolis Sailing School.

Stay tuned! Additional updates on the Gala, this year's honoree, and the Silent Auction will be posted on our website soon .


The Ford Foundation

WREI has been awarded a generous grant from The Ford Foundation. Over a two-year period WREI will assess its mission—particularly its organizational aims, current projects, and products. In addition, WREI will develop new sources of funding that will meet our mission requirements.


Health Issues For Midlife Women

WREI, in conjunction with Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, will develop and disseminate a comprehensive health policy agenda for women between 45 and 65. Specifically, WREI will convene an experts’ summit this winter that will bring together leading experts from the policy, research, foundation, government, and advocacy communities in an effort to develop a health policy agenda for midlife women.


Fifth Biennial Conference on Women in Uniform

The Fifth Biennial Conference on Women in Uniform will be held at the Women in the Military Service to America (WIMSA) Memorial in Arlington, VA on November 30–December 1, 2000. Carolyn Becraft, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs will be WREI’s honored guest and speaker at the luncheon on December 1. Many of you will remember that Carolyn was the first director of our Women in the Military project.

WREI is still accepting papers for the conference—the deadline is September 15. The final selection will be made by the end of September. Visit our online Call for Papers for submission guidelines and details. Coming soon—conference registration materials and electronic registration.



Mary Jane Shackelford, who provides invaluable assistance in organizing our annual American Woman Award Dinner and Gala, was awarded the Best Friends Foundation Friendship Award on June 10 at the Foundation's Annual Recognition Ceremony. Past recipients include former First Lady Barbara Bush and Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder. Way to go Mary Jane!

WREI says goodbye to two outstanding young staffers at the end of this month: Ann Potter and Laura Hessenflow. Ann, a former WREI fellow, will be returning to Chicago to finish her master’s degree in public service management and Laura, our super intern, will be returning to Kansas to contemplate her next adventure.


WREI Fellows—Where Are They Now?

Sally Kenney, Ph.D.
Class of 1986–1987
House Committee on Education and Labor

Sally arrived on Capitol Hill with BAs from both the University of Iowa and Oxford University’s Magdalen College and an MA in political science from Princeton. That’s where—following her Fellowship—she completed her doctorate in public law.

Work in Washington not only cured Sally of writer’s block (“there’s just no time for agonizing and dithering”), but also raised her confidence and self-esteem after the low ebb of graduate school. Resisting Potomac Fever, she returned to the Ivory Tower: “I suppose I am a bit more of an academic grind than I was then, although I can now afford to indulge my passion for shoes!”

After seven years as an associate professor in political science and women’s studies at the University of Iowa, Sally moved to the Humphrey Institute of the University of Minnesota, where she directs the Center on Women and Public Policy. And from where she has sent us three outstanding Fellows, Jodi Andrade (1999–2000), Micki Holmes (1997–1998), and Vinita Jethwani (1996–1997).

Sally teaches a survey course on women, law and public policy and a graduate seminar on feminist organizations. Her work on comparative discrimination law has evolved into a book on how the gender of judges becomes a political issue.
She’s on the boards of the Women’s Campaign Fund and of Watch, a court monitoring organization, and has recently been very active in Rebecca Yanisch’s Senate campaign.

Life in Minneapolis centers around her husband, Norman Foster, who works for the Department of Finance for the State of Minnesota, and three cats. Leisure activities? Travel, reading, gardening, exercise (“body pump, believe it or not!”) and, most recently, writing a wonderfully funny and autobiographical column on mysteries for Book Women. Therein, under her photo, Sally is described as having “…a thing for cats, mysteries, coffee, ironing, and black shoes.” Ironing?!