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Women in Uniform: Exploding the Myths; Exploring the Facts


Papers from the December 1998 Women in Uniform conference.

Price: $15.00


Historical Panel

  • Images of Female Army Nurses in the Vietnam War. Major Constance Moore, USA Nurse Corps.
  • Women in the Navy-From Exclusion in World War I to Submarines in 1998-The Australian Experience. Kathryn Spurling, History Department, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy.
  • Blazing a Heritage: Women in Firefighting Before Title VII. Therese M. Floren, Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
  • Teaching the History of Women and War at the US Air Force Academy. Captain Michelle Moyd, USAF.

Unit Bonding and Integrated Training Panel

  • At The Forefront: Women in the US Army Military Police Corps. Major Carol Washington, USA.
  • How Can She Claim Equal Rights When She Doesn't Have to Do as Many Push-ups as I Do? Carol Cohn, Ph.D.
  • Gender Integrated Training in the Uniform Services: The Fire Fighting Experience. Lt Brenda Berkman, Fire Department, New York City.
  • Cultural Obstacles and Incentives to the Formation of Diverse Teams in the Fire Service. Linda Willing, retired firefighter.

Women and Combat Panel

  • Gender Integration in the Canadian Forces-A Quantitative Overview. Leesa M. Tanner, Department of National Defence.
  • Gender Integration in Canada's Air Force. (Slides) LCDR Karen Davis.
  • Whatever Happened to the Citizen Soldier. Judith Youngman, Ph.D.

Proudly Serving Panel

  • Images of Military Women in the Media. LtCol Beverly Pointer, USAF and Dr. Kathleen A. Mahoney-Norris, LtCol, USAFR.
  • How to Make a Good Man Out of a Woman: US Navy Recruit Training. George Thomas Ph.D. and Lt Lisa Truesdale, USN. (slides only).



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