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Improving the Health of Midlife Women: Policy Options for the 21st Century


by Cynthia B. Costello and Vanessa R. Wright (2001)
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WREI Issue Brief: 15 High-Impact Actions for Congress (PDF)

WREI Issue Brief: Midlife Women: Insurance Coverage and Access (PDF)


In January 2001, the Women's Research and Education Institute (WREI) convened a two-day experts' summit to identify the major gaps in women's health at midlife and to chart a federal health policy agenda for Congress. On the basis of the recommendations made at the summit, WREI selected 15 high-impact actions Congress should take to make a significant difference in promoting health and preventing disease in midlife women. The report outlines these actions.  It also includes a paper prepared by WREI for the women's health summit, "The Health of Midlife Women: Gaps and Challenges" as well as the 10 gaps and 46 policy options identified at the summit.



In May 2001, WREI held a briefing on Capitol Hill, urging Members of Congress to consider the recommendations outlined in the report. A webcast of the briefing is available online at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation's KaiserNetwork.

WREI Midlife Women's Health Briefing Health Cast

WREI's midlife women's health project was made possible by a generous grant from Wyeth.



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