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Women's Health Insurance Costs and Experiences


This report was prepared by WREI under the direction of Cynthia Costello and with the assistance of Anne J. Stone and Bridget Rice (1994)
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Women are more likely to use health care services during their reproductive years than are men. Unfortunately, many health plans fail to adequately cover the preventive and reproductive services women need, leaving them out of the benefit package altogether or requiring copayments and deductibles. Uninsured women have no coverage at all for reproductive and preventive services. The consequence of this inadequate coverage for reproductive and preventive services is that women of childbearing age spend more out of pocket for health care than men spend.

This report focuses on health insurance coverage and expenditures for reproductive and preventive services among women of childbearing age (age 15–44). It provides the latest and most comprehensive measures of the adequacy of women's health care services and for reproductive and preventive health services in particular. Measurements of the adequacy of health insurance coverage used in this report include the percentage of total expenditures covered by health insurance, the level of out-of-pocket expenditures, and out of pocket expenditures in relation to income.



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