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Crossing Borders:
A Report of the Working Group on
Women & Immigration


by Marjorie Lightman, Ronald Cluett, Jeffrey A. Heller, Kimala Price, Anne J. Stone, and Bonnie H. Weinstein (2004)

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WREI is pleased to announce the release of its first publication from the Crossing Borders project. This report was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and is the culmination of two years of research.

In a six-part examination of the changing nature of citizenship, the Crossing Borders report takes a unique look at United States immigration from a holistic perspective that makes clear the need to rethink our most fundamental assumptions about immigration, law, policies, and practices. It integrates issues of gender and citizenship with the evolution of institutional structures. In a diverse group of essays, the six authors argue that we are approaching a breakdown of administrative processes, despite the shift of the old INS to the new Department of Homeland Security.

Historical Panel

  • Images of Female Army Nurses in the Vietnam War. Major Constance Moore, USA Nurse Corps.
  • Women in the Navy-From Exclusion in World War I to Submarines in 1998-The Australian Experience. Kathryn Spurling, History Department, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy.
  • Blazing a Heritage: Women in Firefighting Before Title VII. Therese M. Floren, Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
  • Teaching the History of Women and War at the US Air Force Academy. Captain Michelle Moyd, USAF.

Unit Bonding and Integrated Training Panel

  • At The Forefront: Women in the US Army Military Police Corps. Major Carol Washington, USA.
  • How Can She Claim Equal Rights When She Doesn't Have to Do as Many Push-ups as I Do? Carol Cohn, Ph.D.
  • Gender Integrated Training in the Uniform Services: The Fire Fighting Experience. Lt Brenda Berkman, Fire Department, New York City.
  • Cultural Obstacles and Incentives to the Formation of Diverse Teams in the Fire Service. Linda Willing, retired firefighter.

Women and Combat Panel

  • Gender Integration in the Canadian Forces-A Quantitative Overview. Leesa M. Tanner, Department of National Defence.
  • Gender Integration in Canada's Air Force. (Slides) LCDR Karen Davis.
  • Whatever Happened to the Citizen Soldier. Judith Youngman, Ph.D.

Proudly Serving Panel

  • Images of Military Women in the Media. LtCol Beverly Pointer, USAF and Dr. Kathleen A. Mahoney-Norris, LtCol, USAFR.
  • How to Make a Good Man Out of a Woman: US Navy Recruit Training. George Thomas Ph.D. and Lt Lisa Truesdale, USN. (slides only).



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