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Assessing and Improving Women's Health


by Karen Scott Collins, Diane Rowland, Alina Salaganicoff, and Elizabeth Chait (1994)
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The subject of women's health has broadened in recent years, reflecting women's determination to understand and improve their health and reflecting the recognition that health and disease often affect women and men in different ways—biologically, psychologically, and socially. In addition, a woman's health care needs vary significantly over the course of her lifetime, with the focus typically changing from reproductive health to the care of chronic conditions. Many of these concerns are just beginning to receive the attention necessary to achieve real progress in the delivery of quality health care services to women.

Assessing and Improving Women's Health presents an overview of women's health issues, including an explanation of conditions that concern women at different times in their lives and a discussion of measures that can be undertaken to prevent disease and disability. The report also examines how women interact with the health care system, as measured by their health insurance coverage and by the extent to which they seek or receive care.



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