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Women in the Military: Where They Stand

Seventh edition



"Military women serving in war zones are such a common sight in world-wide media these days that their presence is little remarked. In both Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom, military women from the US and other countries have shown the mental and physical toughness needed to perform well under fire, to defend themselves and their comrades with courage, and to endure the conditions inherent to life in a combat zone."

WREI is pleased to announce the release of the new eighth edition of Women in the Military: Where They Stand. This new edition includes information on active duty, reserve and Guard forces and on women veterans as well as updated statistics and a chronology of important policy and legislative milestones.


The booklet is available to all US addresses (including military post office addresses) for $7.00 to cover the cost of (ever rising) shipping and handling. The price for addresses in Mexico or Canada is $13.00 and $15.00 for all other international addresses.


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Women in the Military

Proceedings of the Conference Women in the Military Today 19-20 May 2005
Prepared by Capt Lory Manning USN, (ret.) with a preface by Cynthia Enloe, Ph.D. Thirteen of the papers and presentations from the conference "Women in the Military Today".



The American Woman Series

The American Woman 2003-2004

The American Woman 2003-2004: Daughters of a Revolution—Young Women Today
edited by Cynthia B. Costello, Vanessa R. Wight, and Anne J. Stone




The American Woman 2001-2002: Getting to the Top
edited by Cynthia B. Costello and Anne J. Stone (2001)



The American Woman 1999-2000: A Century of Change—What's Next?

edited by Cynthia B. Costello, Shari Miles, and Anne J. Stone (1998)


Women in the Military

Women Veterans' Employment
by Lory Manning, Brigid O'Farrell, Anne J. Stone, and Vanessa R. Wight (2002)



Women in the Military: Where They Stand (Fifth Edition)
by Captain Lory Manning, USN (ret) (2005)


Sorry: Out of print

Women in the Military
Editions 2-4
by Captain Lory Manning, USN (ret)


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Crossing Borders
Crossing Borders: A Report of the Working Group on Immigration & Women

Crossing Borders: A Report of the Working Group on Immigration & Women
by Marjorie Lightman, Ronald Cluett, Jeffrey A. Heller, Kimala Price, Anne J. Stone, and Bonnie H. Weinstein




Women and Health

A Guide to Federal Funding Opportunities

in Women's Health
by Cynthia B. Costello and Rachel Mears (2002)


Improving the Health of Midlife Women: Policy Options for the 21st Century
by Cynthia B. Costello and Vanessa R. Wight (2001)



The Health of Mid-Life Women in the States
by Cynthia B. Costello, Jennifer E. Griffith, Angela Wilbon, and Ashley Redfearn (1998)



Assessing and Improving Women's Health
by Karen Scott Collins, Diane Rowland, Alina Salaganicoff, and Elizabeth Chait (1994)



Women's Health Insurance Costs and Experiences
This report was prepared by WREI under the direction of Cynthia Costello and with the assistance of Anne Stone and Bridget Rice (1994)



Women, Work, and Economic Security
Older Women: The Economics of Aging

Older Women: The Economics of Aging

by Anne J. Stone and Jennifer E. Griffith (1998)


Managing Work and Family
A joint project of WREI and the Economic Policy Institute that explores nonstandard work situations among managers and professionals. (1997)