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WREI puts vital information on key issues affecting women into the hands of policy-makers in the form of reports and facts sheets that are prepared by WREI staff or outside scholars. Family leave policies in the U.S. and abroad, housing, access to health care, women's employment, and women in the military are some of the issues and projects currently on WREI's research agenda.

Through our current issues and projects, WREI provides timely conferences, symposia, and briefings that bring researchers and policy-makers, women's advocates, and interested others together to learn and share their knowledge.

WREI's sources are among the nation's best, and include research and policy centers throughout the country where scholars are conducting cutting-edge research on a host of issues concerning women.


Congressional Fellowships on Women and Public Policy
WREI identifies and trains new leaders through its Congressional Fellowship program, which is open to graduate students with strong academic skills and a proven commitment to equity for women. Established in 1980, this program enhances the research capacity of Congressional offices, especially with respect to legislation's implications for women, and has given scores of promising women hands-on experience in the federal legislative process.
The American Woman Series
WREI produces The American Woman, a series of comprehensive reports on the current status of women in the U.S. Published every other year, The American Woman draws together and analyzes the most up-to-date data available about progress and setbacks for women in virtually every aspect of their lives. The American Woman attracts extensive media attention and has been widely praised; "highly recommended" by Library Journal.
Women in the Military
Since 1989, WREI has monitored the status of women in the U.S. armed forces and produces a biennial report and holds biennial conferences to examine the roles and responsibilities of females in all uniformed professions, including firefighting, policing, and peacekeeping.

Connecting the Dots... Women, Religion, and Public Policy
Women leaders in religious institutions joins feminists in public policy and academe to discuss issues issues affecting women's equality.

Crossing Borders
WREI began Crossing Borders in 2002 to examine the effects of US immigration law and policy on women in America, especially in issues of citizenship and refugee status. The research revealed that females dominate many of the legal and illegal categories of immigration. Analyzing the past and present of US immigration, Crossing Borders seeks new ways of defining citizenship and the policy surrounding it.
Women Writing Africa
A project of the Feminist Press of the City University of New York, Women Writing Africa is a literary venture producing a series of regional anthologies of African women's writing. A landmark project of cultural reclamation, this project brings the voices of African women to readers around the globe. WREI is the base for Washington promotion and programs in the Women Writing Africa project.
Women's Health
Women's health and policies to improve it have been a focus of WREI's work for a quarter-century. Among recent health reports are Improving the Health of Midlife Women: Policy Options for the 21st Century (2001) and Women's Health Insurance Costs and Experiences (1994).