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Women in the Military:

Where They Stand

2007 Conference Highlights

Day One

Thursday 10 May

International Issues Panel

Moderator: Dr. Marjorie Lightman

Dr. Kathryn Spurling

Marking Time:  Women in the Australian Defense Force

 "Given that the military is neither perfect nor individualistic,

how can we capitalize more, not exclusively, on our strengths as women?"    

Capt Krister Fahlstedt, Swedish Armed Forces

Integrating the Swedish Armed Forces


Gender & Sexuality in the Military   

Moderator: Dr. Judith Youngman

Dr. Joan Nagel & Lindsey Feitz

The Militarization of Gender & Sexuality in the Iraq War

Click here for presentation photos in PDF format

Cadet Stephanie Young, USCGA

Solid and Weighty: The Militarization of America and its Implications

LtCol Diane Ryan

Measuring Gender Attitudes and Social Dominance Orientation Among US Army ROTC Cadets

"Attitudes about culture and gender arelinked to mission success"

Cadet Erin Morgan, USMA

Masculinity and Femininity in the United States Corps of Cadets

"The Corps and its members continue to struggle to define for themselves a
feminine character that is broadlyaccepted as consistent with the West
Point culture, tradition, and mission."

The Admiral and the Senator

Colonel Paul Roush, USMC, (ret), PhD. shown with (L-R)

BG Wilma Vaught, USAF (ret), WIMSA; BG Pat Foote, USA, (ret), President, Alliance for National Defense (AND); and BG Clara Adams-Ender, USA, (ret).

This paper is a call for Senator James Webb,

from the floor of the United States Senate,

to…repudiate his 1979 article…“Women Can’t Fight”…

Click here for Col. Rousch's presentation in PDF format 

Mentoring and Reaching the Stars

Moderator: Dr. Regina Akers

Maria Cerniauskas Upton and Stefanie Gobel

The Academy Women eMentoring Program

"Prevalent myth: For women Self-care = selfish;:
Self-care is what weak people do

Click here for presentation slides in PDF format

Jill Rough

Mentoring Women:  The Basics of Leadership

"Mentoring is an integral part of good leadership"

Click here for presentation slides in PDF format

Darlene Iskra

Who Are the Women Who Have “Broken Through the Brass Ceiling”

"Career Strategies: hard work & exceptional performance; attitude; mentorship"

Out of the Shadows:  African American Women & the Military

Dr. Lesa D. Meyer

Ron E. Armistad, MCP, LSW

Dr. Brenda L. Moore


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