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May 19-20 2005


On Thursday afternoon, scholars took the stage at WIMSA for a roundtable discussion of Case Studies in African American Women Veterans' Treatment-Related Issues and Concerns.


Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris, director of the Center for Women Veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs, speaks during Friday's lunch at WIMSA.


BG Clara Adams-Ender, USA (ret), is pictured with WREI Board member Robert M. Kaufman, who helped underwrite the conference.


Scholars from Canada, Germany, and Turkey field questions their Friday afternoon panel on international women in the military, moderated by Dr. Marjorie Lightman, a senior fellow at WREI.


CSM Cynthia Pritchett, USA, stands with BG Wilma Vaught, USAF (ret), founder of the Women in Military Service to America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.


A Friday afternoon panel on the issues affecting deployed servicewomen, chaired by Col. Barbara Lee, USA (ret), included Carole Garrison, Ph.D.; MAJ Marie Sasse, USAFR; LT Angela L. Tragos, Mass. ANG; Nancy Ryan Wenger, Ph.D and RN; and Nancy Lowe, Ph.D. and RN.