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American Woman Award 2005
Dinner & Gala Photos


In accepting the 2005 American Woman Award, Andrea Jung, chairman and CEO of Avon, hailed WREI's success in improving the lives and opportunities of women across the country and the world.


Andrea Jung (center) is joined on stage by WREI President Susan Scanlan (left) and Board member Barbara Easterling, secretary-treasurer of CWA.


WREI's first American Woman Award winner, former U.S. Representative and Ambassador to the Vatican Lindy Boggs (right) chats with Jared Cameron and Alison Block. Later that evening, Ms. Block serenaded the Louisiana Congresswoman with Billie Holiday's "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?".


Among WREI's distinguished military guests: (back row, from left) Ann Marie Sharratt, executive director of Women In Military Service For America (WIMSA) Memorial Foundation; Bryan Sharratt of the SPECTRUM Group; BG Clara Adams-Ender, USA (ret.); former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Carolyn Becraft; (front row, from left) Robert Kaufman, former member of DACOWITS and WREI Board member; BG Wilma Vaught, USAF (ret.), founder and president of WIMSA; and Lt Col Marilla Cushman, USA (ret.), WIMSA's public relations director.


Cindy Hall of Women's Policy, Inc. and Shannon Doran of PLEN (back row, from left) join former WREI Fellows Erica Swanson; Evelyn Yee and her husband, Nimesh Patel; (front row, from left) Lisa Maatz with escort J.J. Todor; Jocelyn Yee; and Christi Corbett.


WREI Fellows-past, present, and future-and their guests dined together at the 2005 Gala. They are (back row, from left) Earl Cohen, Shari Miles, Dominic Nguyen, Jessica Donze Black, Leslie Greenberg, Berre Burch, (front row, from left) Irene Lin, Dr. Lee Raitz, Deb Jessup, and Sonia Kandathil.