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Women in the Military: Where They Stand

Seventh edition


"Military women serving in war zones are such a common sight in world-wide media these days that their presence is little remarked. In both Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom, military women from the US and other countries have shown the mental and physical toughness needed to perform well under fire, to defend themselves and their comrades with courage, and to endure the conditions inherent to life in a combat zone."


WREI is pleased to announce the release of the new seventh edition of Women in the Military: Where They Stand.  This new edition includes information on active duty, reserve and Guard forces and on women veterans as well as updated statistics and a chronology of important policy and legislative milestones.

The booklet is available to all US addresses (including military post office addresses) for $6.00 to cover the cost of shipping and handling.  The price for addresses in Mexico or Canada is $11.00 and $13.00 for all others.

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Applications now open

Class of 2012

WREI Congressional Fellowships on Women and Public Policy

Complete information on and applications for the coveted WREI Congressional Fellowships on Women and Public Policy are now available.

Open to applicants who are currently enrolled in, or have recently completed, a graduate program leading to a degree, WREI Fellows work in the Washington, D.C., offices of Members of Congress and on House and Senate committee staffs.  The Fellowships run from January through August.  Fellows work full-time as legislative aides on public policy issues. WREI expects to award at least five Fellowships for 2012, depending on funding.

To learn more about this exceptional program:

Read the FAQ

Download the application and information package

Meet current and former fellows

Applications must be received at WREI no later than May 20, 2011, via regular mail or by e-mail to wrei@wrei.org.



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The 3rd Annual

Night O’ Chocolate

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WREI has moved!


Been there, done that... two years have passed since our last move and WREI has moved again. We're now sharing digs with The National Council of Women's Organizations at Eighth and G streets, S.E., near the Navy Yard and Marine Barracks, only a few blocks from the Capitol.




Our new address:

Women's Research and Education Institute

714 G Street S.E., Suite 200,
Washington, DC 20003

Metro stop:

Eastern Market

Our telephone numbers will remain the same.

Updated WREI information for Outlook




AND calls for changes in policy on

women in combat, women in submarines

The Alliance for National Defense today released position papers calling on the Department of Defense to modernize policies regarding women in the interest of national defense.

AND called for an expansion military women’s combat roles ‘to reflect the reality on the ground’ and urged that Navy women, both officer and enlisted, be given the opportunity to compete for positions in all platforms (SSN, SSBN, SSGN) of the U.S. Navy’s submarine force.  

“Women should be considered for military assignments and duties based on the training, experience, leadership potential and characteristics required to accomplish the mission and the specific requirements/tasks of the job,” the  position paper on Women in Combat states.

The position paper on women in combat urged sweeping changes in women’s participation in combat operations:

“Women should be considered for military assignments and duties based on the training, experience, leadership potential and characteristics required to accomplish the mission and the specific requirements/tasks of the job,” the position paper concludes. 

“Performance standards for military jobs should be based on the scientifically developed and empirically verified elements of the job’s tasks and not based on personal opinion.”   

The complete position papers in PDF format are available for download and review:             

Women in Combat                  Women and Submarines


Orientation begins for the 2011 WREI Fellows

On January 10th, the Class of 2011 Congressional Fellows on Women & Public Policy began their two-week Capitol Hill orientation.  Introducing Susan Cha, Julie Feeney, Hannah Katch, Natalie Khalatov-Krimnus, and Carmen Orozco-Acosta.

2010 Fellows share their 111th Congress experiences with 2011 Fellows who’ll begin in the 112th Congress


First Row:  A.Tianna Scozzaro, Julie Feeney, Linda Mancillas, Elizabeth Darnall, Susan Cha

Second Row:  Natalie Khalatov-Krimnus, Adriane Casalotti, Hannah Katch, Carmen Orozco-Acosta

More orientation photos here



Scanlan represents Virginia at Vision2020, Women’s Equality Convention

WREI president Susan Scanlan signs the Declaration of Equality, endorsed by 102 women leaders from the 50 states and the District of Columbia in Philadelphia on October 22nd.   Delegates gathered as part of Vision 2020, a national project focused on advancing gender equity by energizing the dialogue about women and leadership.  This event helped launch an action agenda to move America toward equality by 2020, the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment, allowing women’s suffrage.


For more information about Vision 2020: http://www.drexel.edu/vision2020/




We all hear about the struggles of returning veterans…here’s your chance to make a difference in the life of such a veteran.  Consider becoming an online mentor to a woman veteran seeking employment.  AcademyWomen is a proud partner of the Veteran Women Project, a program designed to provide a variety of services to assist women veterans in Southwestern Washington find employment.  A core element of Veteran Women is an online mentoring program that pairs women veteran clients with volunteer women veteran mentors for 6 month- or one-year online mentoring relationships.  Mentors are responsible to develop a mentoring relationship with the mentee and to support her in her job search or preparation for the search via weekly emails sent through the online mentoring platform’s messaging tool.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor in this exciting program, you may apply at:


or call the program director, Emily Stoutsenberger. at 360-696-8417 for more info.


VOA interviews Scanlan

on 90th annniversary of women's right to vote

View the video

Read the story



Scanlan vows to fight Social Security cuts

WREI President Susan Scanlan says women will "stand as one against any efforts to renege on this enduring and essential social contract by balancing the budget on women’s backs.

"Unlike the bankers and financiers of Wall Street who brought us to the brink of economic calamity, your average woman on the street has not received a bailout, " Scanlan wrote in a blog on Retirement USA. "We’re still working at low wage jobs, more than half of which offer no paid vacation, retirement, or sick leave let alone childcare or transportation assistance.  Right now, the nurses, teachers, secretaries, grocery store clerks, data processors, hair stylists, and waitresses whom I represent are grateful to have a job, even if they receive only 77-cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn."

The blog was part of WAKE UP, Washington!, a new initiative sponsored by Retirement USA working toward a universal, secure, and adequate pension system for all Americans, billed as a time for Americans across the country to tell lawmakers to keep their hands off of Social Security and to fix the real problem – our nation's patchwork private retirement.

Read the complete blog here


Celebrating Women’s Equality Day with the Troops

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment – granting women the right to vote – Susan Scanlan keynoted ceremonies at Quantico Marine Base and the U.S. Army JAG Corps.  These Women’s Equality Day events honor the work and sacrifice of the Suffragists who endured ridicule, poverty, and prison to gain access to the ballot box.  August 26, 1920 was the date that Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment – by one vote !

Susan Scanlan with women Marines following her speech at Quantico




Susan Scanlan interviewed on Womens Radio

Visit Womens Radio and hear the interview

Or download a copy of the interview to your computer







Supplement Issue of Women’s Health Issues


Veteran and Active-Duty Military

Women’s Health and Health Care Delivery

Submission Deadline:  November 15th, 2010

The Editors of Women’s Health Issues and the Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) Service of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) invite manuscripts reporting the results of original research on topics related to the health and health care of U.S. women Veterans and/or women in the military for a Supplement of the journal to be published in 2011.  Papers must be submitted electronically via the journal’s online manuscript processing system at http://ees.elsevier.com/whi.   Please note in your cover letter that you wish to have your manuscript considered for this Supplement.


Read the full

Call for papers



Remembering Juanita M. Kreps

WREI has learned with sorrow of the death of long time board member Juanita M. Krups, who died July 5.  She was 89.

Although no longer active due to illness, she provided WREI wise counsel and lent her name and reputation to many of our programs.

Dr. Kreps joined the WREI Board in 1981, following her service as Secretary of Commerce in the Carter Administration -- one of only four women appointed to such high office. She made it her business to expand opportunities for women in and out of government through her own research as a labor economist, by advocating women’s recruitment and promotion on the many corporate boards she was elected to, and as Dean of the Women’s College at Duke University.

It was Dr. Kreps who persuaded Sally Ride to accept WREI’s American Woman Award in 1999, who reviewed our statistical profiles in each edition of The American Woman, and who steered research opportunities on women’s employment our way.

Juanita Kreps was a gracious lady, a ground-breaking leader, a respected scholar, and a dear friend.  WREI will miss her.

Learn more about this extraordinary women here.



Don't balance the budget on backs of women!

Susan Scanlan testifies before

Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

WREI President Susan Scanlan, in her role as Chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations, called on members of the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform not to balance the budget through cuts to Social Security.

"Social Security has not contributed one red cent to the deficit..." Scanlan stated in testimony before the commission June 30. "Suggestions about cutting benefits or raising the retirement age represent nothing less than the country’s breaking its word with its most vulnerable citizens.  Truly, America is better than that...

"I know that you are looking out for our grandchildren.  So I’m here today speaking for today’s and tomorrow’s grandma’s.  The 12 million members of the National Council of Women’s Organizations are ready, willing, and able to work with you to defeat the deficit.  Give us a fair plan that eliminates the Bush tax cuts, ends two unfunded wars, and spreads the sacrifice to those who can afford it.  Then we’ll roll up our sleeves to work with you.

"But," she warned, 'we will stand as one against any efforts to renege on this enduring and essential social contract by balancing the budget on women's backs."

Click here for the complete statement



Once and current Fellows at WREI’s

June 8th Capitol Hill reception


Irene Lin, Elizabeth Darnall, A.Tianna Scozzaro, Davida Walsh

Second Row:

  Heidi Hollonbeck Robinson,  Alicia Butler Dupre, WREI President Susan Scanlan,

Linda Mancillas, Amber Shipley, Anh Phan

Back Row:

Jo Deutsch, Adriane Casalotti, Jacqueline Ayers, Leslie Greenberg, Savannah Lengsfelder,

Lisa Maatz, Fatemeh Hosseini, Carolyn Hughes, Debbie Jessup

To view more photos from this event, click here

To view photos from previous events, click here

Click here to meet this extraordinary group of women



Remembering Dr. Dorothy Height

WREI Board Member/President emerita

of the National Council of Negro Women

Dr. Dorothy Height, a founder and WREI board member for 33 years, died Tuesday, April 20th, at age 98. 

Her loss will be deeply felt in both the civil rights and women’s communities. 

“WREI has benefited from Dr. Height’s leadership since our founding in 1977 as the data/policy analysis arm of the Congresswomen’s Caucus,” said Susan Scanlan, WREI president.  “A woman who changed history—and who lived long enough to witness these changes—Dorothy Height’s vision defined and reinforced our mission.  She brought a sense of calm, cohesion, and capability to every conversation.”

Another special link between WREI and Dr. Height: She was appointed by President Harry Truman to the first board of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service (DACOWITS).  Over the years, she provided wise counsel to WREI’s one-of-a-kind Women in the Military project.


Learn more about Dr. Height's career, accomplishments and honors here



WREI's Scanlan is

PLEN 2010 Mentor Award honoree

WREI president Susan Scanlan accepts a  Public Leadership Education Network 2010 Mentor Award at PLEN's 30th anniversary celebration and awards celebration Feb. 25 in Washington.

PLEN is the only national organization whose sole mission is educating women for leadership in the public arena. Its member and associate schools include some of America's most prestigious colleges and universities.  It was founded in 1978 by then-Wells College president and former Texas State Legislator Sissy Farenthold, a Scanlan heroine.

Rep. Judy Biggert of Illinois and Washington attorney Valerie Jackson also won Mentor Awards. International development expert Kristin Haffert was the winner of the PLEN Alumna Leadership Award.




Barbara Ferris, founder and president of the International Women's Democracy Center; Florida Rep. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Susan Scanlan at the WREI/IDWC Night O' Chocolate October 1 at AFL-CIO headquarters.

View and download Night O'Chocolate photos





WREI partners with the Global Summit of Women

In January, WREI formed an alliance with Globewomen, Inc., a prominent public affairs firm in Washington, DC.  Globewomen links businesswomen worldwide through an international summit, two national conferences, and an online expo of women's products and services. 

At the three-day 2008 Summit that opened June 5th in Hanoi, Vietnam, more than 1000 business, professional, government, academic, and entrepreneurial women leaders from around the world gathered to exchange ideas, extend markets, and expand equality.  Some 50 government ministers from around the world were there to talk about public/private partnerships to enhance women's economic status.

Click on the logo to read the latest GlobeWomen newsletter


Globewomen's president is Irene Natividad, who, over an impressive, 30-year career, has headed the National Women's Political Caucus, the National Commission on Working Women, and the Philippine American Foundation.

She is a regular panelist on the popular PBS show, To The Contrary, an all-women news forum. 

For a more detailed look at Irene's work with the Global Summit of Women and other GlobeWomen projects, please visit www.globewomen.com.



Cervical Cancer: Protect Older Women

An article by WREI's Susan Scanlan appearing in newspapers around the nation from Florida to Alaska.


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