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WREI's Mission

Since 1977, Members of Congress have looked to the Women's Research & Education Institute for nonpartisan information and policy analysis on women's equity issues. Over the years, WREI's reputation as a source of reliable data and clear thinking about the status of American women has traveled far beyond the nation's Capitol.

WREI's mission is to identify issues affecting women and their roles in the family, workplace, and public arena, and to inform and help shape the public policy debate on these issues.

Today WREI is a respected resource not only for federal legislators and administrators, but also for state and local government officials, women's advocates, corporate policy makers, the media, teachers and students, and a myriad of other individuals and organizations throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

  • WREI urges researchers to consider the public policy implications of their work;
  • WREI fosters the exchange of ideas and expertise between researchers and policymakers;
  • WREI promotes the informed scrutiny of policies regarding their effect on women, and encourages the development of policy options that recognize the circumstances of today's women and their families.