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WREI Congressional Fellows FAQ


WREI's former, current and future fellows (and their congressional bosses!) thank our

corporate and individual fellowship funders for their generosity that makes possible

WREI's Congressional Fellowships on Women & Public Policy!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Is this a scholarship program?
Does WREI offer any scholarships?
What does a fellow do?
Is a nine-month stay in Washington, DC a requirement?
Who is eligible?
Is the fellowship only available to women?
Is there an age requirement?
Is the fellowship restricted to any discipline or course of study?
How are WREI fellows compensated?
How Do I apply?
How many people apply for the fellowship?

When are applications due?
When are decisions made?
Why a women's policy fellowship?
What are the selection criteria?


Is this a scholarship program?
No. It is a fellowship for the purpose of giving students experience in public policymaking in Congress.

Does WREI offer any scholarships, loans, or grants?
No. We only offer Congressional Fellowships.

What does a Fellow do?
Fellows to come to Washington, DC, for eight months. Following a mandatory two-week orientation to Capitol Hill in January, Fellows meet once a week at issue seminars with women’s advocates, activists, Congressional staff, researchers, and lobbyists. Fellows work a minimum of 40 hours per week from January through August as legislative assistants on policy issues.

Is an eight-month stay in Washington, DC a requirement?

Who is eligible?
Only students who are currently enrolled in a master's or doctoral program at an accredited institution in the United States or who have completed such a program within the past 18 months are eligible. WREI strongly recommends that applicants complete at least nine hours of graduate coursework before applying and have a demonstrated interest in research or political activity related to women's social and political status.

Is the fellowship only available to women?
No. WREI welcomes applications from men and women.

Is there an age requirement?
No. People of any age are welcome to apply.

Is the fellowship restricted to any discipline or course of study?
No. The fellowship is open to all fields of study. Previous fellows have come from such disciplines as law, medicine, political science, social work, film-making, business, and nursing/midwifery.

How are WREI Fellows compensated?
WREI fellows receive a stipend of approximately $1,450 per month for eight months of the academic year (January-August). An additional sum of $500 is provided for the purchase of health insurance. WREI will also reimburse fellows up to a maximum of $1,500 ($750 per semester) for the cost of three hours tuition at their home institutions (books and other non-tuition charges are NOT covered). Fellows are responsible for transportation to and from Washington and for finding their own living arrangements. The number of fellowships for any given year changes according to funding from corporate, union, and foundation sponsors. Over the years, WREI Fellowships have been made possible by such
funders as by Amgen, Avon, Betta, Emily and Martha Ehrenfeld, the Newcomb Institute of Tulane University.

How Do I Apply?

Fellowship applications for 2014 are now open. Fellowship information and applications specific to 2014 may be downloaded here. Faxed or late applications will not be considered. 

How many people apply for the fellowship?
WREI receives between 45 to 100 applications each year for available fellowship positions.

When are applications due?
Applications for Tulane Universitiy students close on September 15, 2013. Fellowship applications for all other candidates closed FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013.  Download the 2014 Fellowship Brochure here and the 2014 application here.

When are decisions made?

Semi-finalists will be interviewed in July, August, and September.  Awards will be announced by mid-October September.

Why a Women's Policy Fellowship?
The WREI Fellowships are designed to train women as potential leaders in public policy formation and to examine issues from the perspective and experiences and needs of women. This unique legislative program is administered by WREI, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization located in Washington, DC, and is the only fellowship program directed by, for, and about women.

What are the Selection Criteria?
Fellows are selected on the basis of academic competence as well as their demonstrated interest in the public policy process. They must be articulate and adaptable and have strong writing skills. WREI Fellows come from a wide range of academic fields, e.g., medicine, law, nursing, art, science, history, women's studies, and business administration.

WREI seeks diversity in its fellowship program and welcomes qualified applicants of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientation, experience, and academic fields.