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Women in the Military:

Where They Stand

2007 Conference Highlights

Day Two

Friday, 11 May

Deployed Women

Dr. Randy C. Balano

Integrating Women in the Navy and the Fleet

“Exigency is the Mother of Integration”

Col Barbara Lee, USA (ret), moderator

Dr. Morten G. Ender

Attitudes of American Women Soldiers:  Comparisons  Across Iraq, Kuwait and Haiti

"I got a girl in the war, man I wonder what it is we done."

Edward Evans

Elizabeth At War

“I am scared to come home. I have changed so much….”

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LtCol Irene Rosen, MC, USA

Women’s Health in a Field Environment

"Operational commitments may take precedence over medical care"

Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell Update

Capt Joan Darrah USN (ret)

"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is perfect Catch 22"

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Military Families Matters and Benefits of Serving


Nancy Duff Campbell, moderator

Cadet Melanie Kwan, USMA

How the Army Influences Marital Relations

"How does an individual’s position within...the Army affect marital relations?"

LtGen Carol Mutter, USMC (ret)

Widows and Widowers of the Fallen

Cadet Chelsea A. Cunningham, USMA

The Relationship between Army Deployment and Changing Communications

Cadet Aaron Stark, USMA

Using Military Families to Examine the Effect of Financial Shocks on Marital Stress

Dr. Lisa A. Fowler and Col Pat Jernigan, USA (ret)

Benefits of Service in the US Army

"...assessing the impact of Army service on the economic well-being of women"

Sexual Assault and Violence in the Military      

Capt Pat Gormley, JAGC, USN (ret)

Dr. Carol Burke

The Case of Spc. Suzanne Swift

Spec. Suzanne Swift, 22, right, with her mother, Sara Rich

Documentary Preview

Meg McLagan & Daria Sommers   

DACOWITS 2006 Report

Col Denise Dailey, USA    

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