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Connecting the Dots...
Women, Religion, and Public Policy


Women leaders in religious institutions joins feminists in public policy and academe to discuss issues issues affecting women's equality. The project focuses on the intersections of faith and policy that shape women’s position within the family. The goal of the project is to find innovative approaches to systemic issues that perpetrate inequality.

Connecting the Dots is WREI’s first formal program with faith-based organizations and organized religious institutions, a collaboration that WREI believes will raise awareness of common goals, introduce experiences from progressive faith groups into policy discussion within a feminist context, and integrate the experiences and efforts of faith-based groups with policy and academic research to encourage public-sector policies that increase women’s equality.

The co-directors of this project are Marjorie Lightman, Ph.D., senior fellow at WREI, and Shari Miles, Ph.D., executive director of the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.