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The American Woman 1999-2000:
Century of Change - What's Next?


Seventh Edition
Edited by Cynthia B. Costello, Chari Miles, and Anne J. Stone (1998)
Price: $16.95

The American Woman traces the enormous changes in the condition of and opportunities for American women in the latter half of the twentieth century and evaluates the status of women in this country as we look forward to the beginning of a new century.

"The American Woman is a landmark achievemenst...a sound basis of current facts and trends." — Betty Friedan

See our new project, The American Woman on the Web, for updated statistics. To order a copy, print the order form (PDF) and fax or mail your order to WREI. If you have questions before ordering, please contact our Lory Manning at 703-812-7990, ex. 12.


Some findings:

  • More than one in every seven infants born to black mothers are low-birthweight ba-bies, a proportion almost twice that for U.S. babies overall.
  • The typical American woman between the ages of 25 and 35 has more education than her male contemporary.
  • No more than 70 percent of year-round, full-time workers of either sex have health insurance coverage through their jobs, half the women workers who do have it work for very large employers.
  • At every age, but especially in adulthood, females are more likely than their male contemporaries to be poor.
  • The number of women serving in the U.S. armed forces has increased steadily since the advent of the all volunteer force in 1974, when less than two percent of military personnel were women. Today, more than one in seven are women.

Chapters include a comprehensive historical look at the "second wave of feminism;" a look at the experiences of African American women in the last two decades; an analysis of the experiences of Hispanic women over the century; an outline of the judicial and legislative decisions that have shaped women's lives over the last hundred years; and a discussion of the demographic trends that will shape the future.


Table of Contents


  by Cynthia B. Costello 

Women in This Century: A Personal Perspective


by Juanita M. Kreps

Women in the Next Century: A Personal Perspective
  by Sarah B. Kreps 

American Women in a New Millennium

  by Sara M. Evans 

African American Women in the Twenty-first Century: The Continuing Challenge

  by Vicki Crawford 

Hispanic Women in the United States

  by Margarita Benitez 
Women and the Law: Learning from the Past to Protect the Future
  by Sonia R. Jarvis
The American Woman: The Road Ahead
  by Carol J. De Vita

American Woman Today: A Statistical Portrait

  1. Demographics
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Employment
  5. Earnings and Benefits
  6. Economic Security
  7. Women in the Military
  8. Elections and Officials

The Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues: Twenty Years of Bipartisan Advocacy for Women

  by Lesley Primmer
Women in the 105th Congress
Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues
Notes on the Contributors
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