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The American Woman


WREI produces The American Woman, a series of books about the status of women in the United States. Published every other year, The American Woman draws together and analyzes the most up-to-date statistics available about virtually every aspect of women’s lives.

There have been nine published editions of The American Woman. Editions six through nine are available for purchase.

Our latest edition, released in 2006, is The American Woman on the Web: A Statistical Portrait. It comprises statistical information about the status of women, on such topics as education, health, employment, earnings and benefits, and economic security.



The American Woman 1987-88: A Status Report

The American Woman 1988-89: A Status Report

The American Woman 1990-91: A Status Report

The American Woman 1992-1993: A Status Report - Women in Politics

The American Woman 1994-95: A Status Report - Women and Health

The American Woman 1996-1997: Where We Stand - Women and Work

The American Woman 1999-2000: Century of Change - What's Next?

The American Woman 2001-2002: Getting to the Top

The American Woman 2003-2004: Daughters of a Revolution - Young Women Today



I've looked high and low for a good textbook to use for the class I will teach on "Women & Politics" in the fall at Samford University. I was thrilled when I came across this book . . . I have found that the best way to get such students to start questioning some of their ingrained gender role stereotypes is to slap them upside the proverbial head with statistics on women in U.S. society. This book is chock full of powerful statistics that tell no lies about what it means to be a woman in U.S. society, and also how one's racial identity affects one's experience of womanhood. . . In sum, other professors out there—this is a perfect book to assign for college students with no prior exposure to women's studies." — Lisa Sharlach's review on Amazon.com (Birmingham, AL)

The American Woman is a landmark achievement.”—Betty Friedan.

"The American Woman is an important record of the journey of women politically and socially. In its blend of data, anecdote, and narrative analysis lies the power of its message. This is a wonderful book for thoughtful people who want to understand the condition of their mothers and the future of their daughters." —Lieutenant General Claudia J. Kennedy, U.S. Army (retired)

"The American Woman celebrates the remarkable leadership achievements by women. . . . It also suggests practical ways to reduce and finally remove the barriers that remain to women's full and fair participation in all aspects of American life." —Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. senator from Massachusetts

“By looking beyond today’s political trappings and popular assumptions, The American Woman delivers a rich and detailed portrait, serving as a key to the past, a map of the present, and a blueprint for our future.”—U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe.